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Open Letter to Museums and Galleries in support of education and other essential workers

Als Bundesverband Museumspädagogik e.V. unterstützen wir folgende Initiative von Dr. Carmen Moersch (Mainz Academy of Arts, Johannes Gutenberg University, Germany) und Dr Janna Graham (BA Curating, University of London, Goldsmiths, UK) und möchten auch Sie um Ihre Beteiligung bitten:


Dear colleagues

Please find at this link a letter signed by over 1500 global museum, gallery and cultural workers - many of whom are ICOM members - in response to recent layoffs of education and other essential staff in museums and galleries. Sparked by specific incidents the U.S and Portugal, signatories are aligned in our view that these layoffs should be condemned and museums and galleries strongly encouraged to maintain contracts with staff working with they and their communities to re-imagine cultural institution-making in a post-covid19 context.

We ask that you circulate this letter amongst ICOM members and implore them to stop the layoffs, to furlough or re-deploy workers and to create secure and regularised working conditions through this period.